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Pa-an ( Hpa-an)

  • The capital city of the Karen State a small picturesque town closest to the Thai Border. It is easily accessible by car from Yangon crossing the Salween River. (ThanLwin River )
  • Mount Zwekabin: A symbolic and a famous land mark of the Karen State 2372 feet above sea level. It will take 2 hours to reach to the summit and popular site for domestic tourists and offers panoramic views . 

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  • Karen Villages: Talaku& Maw Sari :The clean and peaceful villages near Pa-an

( Hpa-an) will certainly give you peace and joyful experience. You will learn and share lifestyle of the simple  Karen ethnic.

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  • Opportunity to mingle with the community to have more understanding of their culture and belief.
  • Enjoy the warm welcome of the Culture performance: Traditional Karen Dance in the Village Hall
  • Learn to cook local cuisine and enjoy the local food.
  • Saddan Cave :A natural limestone cave in elephant image look alike with scenic view of the surrounding horizon.
  • Explore the cave inside and out.
  • Enjoy boating

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  • KyaukKalat : Fossil rock surrounded by serene lake





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  • The nearest oldest hill resort form the British time since 1870 , 200 miles away from Yangon and 4700ft above sea level
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain with 374 stairs to the mountain summit paved in 1995.
  • Visit uniquely beautiful tea plantation with different geographical features
  • Local products; honey, coffee, tea ,Karen traditional costumes and regional farm produce for you to take away.
  • St Gorges Church, Tea Factory , Hindu temple
  • BayintNaung Military Town and famous Mya MyintZu Pagoda.
  • ” Amazing Restaurant” with traditional Karen dish


  • The Bed &Breakfast accommodation, the traditional Highland  Karen meals, sightseeing and trekking are highly enjoyed by the visitors from all over Myanmar.

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