Amazingtree Travel & Tours , Myanmar

Day 1 Yangon – Taungoo – Thandaung Gyi

Leave Yangon in the morning at 6 a.m. Rest at 115 Mile on Yangon – Mandalay Highway for a break for 30 minutes. Then proceed to Taungoo and another stop at Thandaung Myothit at 13th mile for sightseeing. Then drive up to Thandaunggyi. Check‐in at a home for homestay for two nights. After check in, traditional Karen lunch will be ready for the family. After lunch drive up to the foot of Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain for prayers and worship. Take the photos of the panoramic view of the surroundings and beautiful landscape and the family. Spend time on the Prayer Mountain and another hill of New Year’s Mountain where Karen New Year’s Day is celebrated annually. After
climbing down from the mountain, take a walk along the village main road and see the village daily life and way of living. Dinner at home or at a village noodle shop. After dinner spend time at church yard for Karen culture dance and songs. Overnight at home with the host family. Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2 Thandaung Gyi
Early morning breakfast with fried rice with the famous Thandaunggyi tea and coffee, golden banana from Thandaung area. After breakfast start with village walk along the main road and sightseeing in Thandaungyi , shopping traditional Karen costumes, regional products such as coffee, tea, pickled tea, honey, and seasonal fruits such as lime, vegetables and household use products of bamboo, brooms and some others. Lunch outside with simple traditional Karen curries with fresh meats and vegetables. Afternoon sightseeing by car to drive up to Bayintnaung Military town, the Old St George’s church with a long history, Hindu Temple, Tea Factory, Catholic Church, and Zion Baptist Church. Dinner at home and overnight at home with the host family. Or another option for trekking for the youth and those who are fond of hiking. There are trekking guides who are experienced in trekking around neighbourhood. The trekking to Tawbyargyi, Leiktho or Htonebogyi for one day trekking. Dinner will be back in Thandaunggyi or any village near Thandaunggyi. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 Thandaung Gyi – Taungoo – Yangon
Early morning breakfast at home. Visit the village and do some conservation work with the school children, youth group or young villagers, such as growing and planting some trees along the village trail or in some private compounds, help some villagers doing some voluntary work like collecting some litters together especially with the school children and educate and explain to the primary level school, give them awareness why they should not litter everywhere and tell them where to put the litter, to divide the litter what is environment friendly and which are not, after spending a few minutes or about one hour, help the children with washing their hands with soap and water
systematically and give them some snack such as mohinga or boiled rice as a reward. Then have lunch with the host family or have farewell tea or coffee and drive back to Yangon via Toungoo. Stop at 115 Mile for a tea or coffee break. The group will be back to Yangon in the evening around 8 p.m. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch